Driftwood Players

"The Dresser" July1991

By Ronald Harwood, Directed by John Carlberg

Ernie Ingram: (Sir)

Quote from the Play:

"More, more, more; I can't give any more, I have nothing more to give. I want a tranquil senility. I'm a grown man. I don't want to go on painting my face night after night, wearing clothes that are not my own. I'm not a child dressing up for charades, this is my work, my life's work. I'm an actor and who cares if I go out there tonight or any other night and shorten my life?"

Robin McPherson: (Irene) Ernie Ingram: (Sir)


Bob Stalder: (Norman) Ernie Ingram

Jane Hansen: (Madge) Ernie Ingram

Carol Stubb: (Her Ladyship) John Lein: (Oxenby)

Bill Bilsland: (Geoffery) John Lein: (Oxenby) Chuck Jones: (Gloucester) Wayne Douglass: (Kent)

Roger Willis: (Albany) John Lein, Wayne Douglass

Bill Bilsland, Ernie Ingram


Bob Stalder, Ernie Ingram

Set Design: Ernie Ingram
Set Construction: Ernie Ingram, Bruce Walloch, Jack Shrauger, Don Stubb
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Pictures by Larry Tingwall


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