Driftwood Players

"The Teahouse of the August Moon" May 1969

By John Patrick, Directed by Valentina Pearson

From left: Larry Sutton, Phyllis Dionne, Shirley Griggs, John Wolfe, Mike Hile, Bill Davis
Front: Maria, Therese and Mike Dionne

Marilynn Thorson on platform with: (From left) Diana Petrich, Karla Kloempken, Gary Frey, Mike Hile, Bernice Oliphant, Therese, Mike and Maria Dionne, Jan Crowther, Bob Rutledge, Allen Griggs, Jack Phillips, Stacy Frey, Merna Lane, Vicky Petrich
Center: Marilynn Thorson Back: Ernest Ingram, John Wolfe Front: Jack Phillips, Tom Barton

Merna Lane, John Wolfe, Larry Sutton, Karla Kloempken, Shirley Griggs, Vicky Petrich

Jack Phillips, Marilynn Thorson, Larry Sutton


Photos by:
Leslie's Studio

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