Driftwood Players

"See How They Run" Nov. - Dec. 1972

By Philip King, Directed by Jane Mezera

Janice Wolfe: (Ida the Maid) Dave Savage: (Sergeant Towers) Duane Frojen: (Reverend Arthur Humphrey) Ed Seitz: (The Intruder) Dwayne Benner: (Choir Boy) John Wolfe: (Bishop of Lax) Richard Lane: (Reverend Lionel Toop) Bunny Ronald: (Penelope Toop) Dorcas Richardson: (Miss Skillon)

Richard Lane, Ed Seitz

Dave Savage, Janice Wolfe, John Wolfe, Bunny Ronald, Dick Lane

Dorcas Richardson, Dick Lane

Janice Wolfe, Dorcas Richard

Photos by: Leslie's Studio

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