Driftwood Players

"Ring Round The Moon" Nov. - Dec. 1999

By Jean Anouilh, Directed by Diane Major

Jonathan Ristow: (Hugo, and Frederic) Rai French: (Romainville)



Stacey Bevington: (Isabelle) Jonathan Ristow


Due to illness and injury the following cast changes were made:
Noel Erickson-Wall: (Hugo/Frederic)
Doug Simons: (Romainville)
Ri Newman: (Lady Dorothy India)
Oscar Wall: (Patrice Bombelles)

Rich Rice: (Messerschmann) Cyndi Deaton: (Diana Messerschmann)


Wilma Dunsmoor: (Isabelle's Mother) Becca Teeter: (Capulet)



Noel Erickson-Wall: (Patrice Bombelles) Kathy McGrath: (Lady India)



Jonathan Ristow, Cyndi Deaton


Gary Barrett: (Joshua) Geri Reynolds: (Madam Desmortes)

Rich Rice, Stacey Bevington

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Pictures by Jones Photo Co.


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