Driftwood Players

"Picnic" May 2003

By William Inge, Directed by Roechelle Landstrom

Katherine Lingle: (Madge Owens) Christa Rogers: (Flo Owens) Margaret Tingwall: (Rosemary Sydney) Darlene Vammen: (Helen Potts)

Katherine Lingle: (Madge Owens) Yoshi Ikematsu: (Bomber) Sara Finley: (Millie Owens)

Cheri McKissick: (Christine Schoenwalder) Margaret Tingwall: (Rosemary Sydney) Christa Rogers: (Flo Owens) Beth Barene: (Irma Kronkite) 

Jason Whited: (Howard Bevans) Margaret Tingwall: (Rosemary Sydney)

Katherine Lingle: (Madge Owens) Mattaniah: (Hal Carter)

Sara Finley: (Millie Owens) Skip McCoy: (Alan Seymour)

Darlene Vammen: (Helen Potts) Sara Finley: (Millie Owens) Christa Rogers: (Flo Owens)

Pictures by
Alan Stamwitz

From The South Beach Bulletin Thursday, May 22, 2003

Picnic on tap at Driftwood

    William Inge's Pulitzer Prize winning play Picnic is the current production at Aberdeen's Driftwood Playhouse. Set in Kansas, the play is a slice-of-life vignette of Middle America during a more innocent time. Roechelle Landstrom directs the play. Mark Richey serves as assistant director.

    While all cast members give credible performances, there are a couple of real standouts in this presentation. Veteran Driftwood player Margaret Tingwall's characterization of frustrated middle-aged teacher Rosemary Sydney is exceptional.

    Young thespian Sara Finley has graduated from chirpy juvenile roles to one as a blossoming young woman that gives her an opportunity to show her range and increasing expertise. Look for her to be a strong player for many years to come.

    Other cast members include Darlene Vammen, Mattaniah, Yoshi Ikematsu, Katherine Lingle, Christsa Rogers, Skip McCoy, Beth Barene, Cheri McKissick, and Jason Whited.

    Remaining play dates include Fridays and Saturdays this month with an 8:15 p.m. curtain. There is also a Sunday, June 1st, matinee at 2:15 p.m. Tickets are $10 and may be purchased at City Drug, Top Foods, and Captain's Cove in Aberdeen, Harbor Drug in Hoquiam, Valu-Drug in Montesano, Our Place in Ocean Shores or at the door. The Driftwood Playhouse is located at the corner of Third & I Streets near Aberdeen High School.

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