Driftwood Players

"Mr. Roberts" Sept. - Oct. 1992

By Thomas Heggen and Joshua Logan, Directed by Dick Lane

Ted Spoon (Stefanowski) Glen Piehl (Insigna) Philemon Wyckoff (Lindstrom) Gary Stout (Mannion) Ben Riley (Wiley)
Ron Rogers (Lt. Doug Roberts) Joe Wolfe (Shore Patrol Officer) Joe Mihelich (Dolan) Don Dawson (Shore Patrolman) Dorothy Willis and Jennifer Cooper (Native Girls)
Ron Rogers (Lt. Doug Roberts) Bob Neisinger (Doc) Rick Bates (Ensign Pulver)
Rick Bates, Christa Rogers (Lt. Girard) Ron Rogers
Michael Bennett (The Captain)
John Secor (Schlemmer) Mike Altman (Chief Johnson) Kasey Box (Gerhart) Jack McPherson (Dowdy)

Pictures by Alan Stamwitz

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