Driftwood Players

"Life with Mother" July 1978

By Clarence Day

Directed by Bill Davis and Gloria Ingram

(Back): Ron Carlson: (John) Bill Davis: (Dr. Humphreys) Bruce Williamson: (Clarence) Dave Noble: (Michael) Jim Ball: (Clyde Miller)
(Middle): Denice Button: (Kathleen) Phyllis Jones: (Cousin Cora) Betsy Daly: (Bridget) La Rayne Watts: (Bessie Fuller Logan) Skooter Scherieble: (Mrs. Willoughby)
(Front): Kirk Brownell: (Harlan) Carol Stubb: (Vinnie) Ernie Ingram: (Father) Loren Dokke: (Whitney)
(Not Pictured): Jennifer Sturm: (Hazel Willoughby)

Pictures by
George McCleary

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