Driftwood Players

"Life with Father" May 1986

By Howard Lindsay and Russel Crouse, Directed by Bill Davis

Back: Brodie Smith (John) Joe E. Kruft (Clarence)
Front: Oliver Ross (Whitney) Sue Rahi (Mother) John Walseth (Harlan) Ron Richardson (Father)

From left clockwise: John Walseth (Harlan) Oliver Ross (Whitney) Tobi Anderson (Margaret) Ron Richardson (Father) Dorothy French Willis (Annie) Joe E. Kruft (Clarence) Brodie Smith (John)

Tobi Anderson, Ron Richardson, Dorothy French Willis

Carol Merritt (Maggie) Dorothy French Willis (Annie) Tobi Anderson (Margaret) Juli Ward (Delia) Kim Beck (Nora)

Oliver Ross, John Walseth, Brodie Smith, Joe E. Kruft


Oliver Ross, Sue Rahi, Doug Sipe (Rev. DR. Lloyd)

John Walseth, Ron Richardson

Brodie Smith, Joe E. Kruft

Daniela Quigg (Mary Skinner) Joe E. Kruft

Photo's by George McCleary
Leslie's Studio

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