Driftwood Players

"Life with Father" February 1975

By Clarence Day, Directed by Bill Davis

Ernest Ingram: (Father) Carol Stubb: (Mother)


Kirk Brownell: (Harlan) Ernest Ingram: (Father)

Front: Loren Dokke: (Whitney) Carol Stubb: (Mother) Kirk Brownell: (Harlan)
Back: Rod King: (John) Jerry Lambert: (Clarence) Ernest Ingram: (Father)

Ernest Ingram, Carol Stubb

Pictures by
Leslie's Studio

From The Daily World Saturday, February 8, 1975

'Sons' earn high praise:

'Life With Father' delightful show

By Betty Butler
World Entertainment Editor

    Life with the Day family back in the 1880's may not have been easy sometimes -- but watching the dramatization of their family life on the Driftwood Playhouse stage is certainly a lot of fun.

    The play that tells it all - "Life With Father" - opened to a capacity crowd in Hoquiam last night, and brought the audience to its feet in a tribute to the actors and production when it was over and Ernest Ingram, as Father; stormed off to be baptized with a triumphant Mother, played by Carol Stubb, right behind him.

    One expects good performances from these two, both veteran Driftwood actors. So their success as a comedy team, and in several very effectively poignant moments as well, is no surprise.

    But the four Day "sons," ranging in age from 17 to 8 and relatively inexperience, were joys to watch and listen to, and that was more surprising. Their performances could hardly have been improved upon, and each seemed to stay in character every moment.

    If we had to pick a favorite, it probably would be Loren Dokke, a seventh-grader from Hoquiam, as Whitney. Equally engaging as the youngest son was 7-year-old Kirk Brownell.

    The older boys, Jerry Lambert, a senior student from Montesano, and Rod King, a weatherwax High School student, had heaver loads to carry and did them full justice.

    Youthful actors often do not inspire confidence in an audience, but never did last nights viewers - or the other actors - appear to feel anything but comfortable with the Day ménage. Maureen O'Neill, another Weatherwax product, is equally well cast as the girl with whom young Clarence Day (Lambert) Falls in love.

    The hand of a good director shows in rather complex scenes that seem so "natural" that the audience feels a part of them. Almost all of "Life With Father" is like that, for which Bill Davis should take a bow in his first directing effort.

    The actors in other supporting roles sustain the high level of competence set by the principals - Kathy Eko and Pat Stevenson, both seasoned Driftwood performers; Rodney Isaksen, borrowed from the Willapa Players in Raymond; Robert Rutledge, Fred Snow, and Anita Graham, Judy Henke, Robin Walsh and Robin Rasset, the four maids.

    W. James Brown, as always, designed a highly effective set, and the costumes, designed and constructed by Elsie Reynolds, upheld the illusion of well-to-do Victorian-era life. Beth McDonald was production manager, Janice Wolfe was stage manager, lighting was by Michael Sturm and Terry Carriker, and properties by Judy Henke and Anita Graham.

    All in all, it'll probably prove to be one of Driftwood's most successful productions. It shows tonight and Feb. 14, 15, 20, 21, and 22.

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