Driftwood Players

"The Incomparable Max" Nov. - Dec. 1994

By Jerome Lawrence & Robert E. Lee, Directed by John Lein

Tonja Moore: (Mrs. Blake) Marty Jones: (Mr. Blake) Ron Richardson: (William Rothenstein) Vance Alkire: (Col. Elbourne) Rich Rice: (Portly Man) Anita Bussey: (Mrs. Elbourne) Rai French: (Uncle Sydney) Steve Natwick: (Max Beerbohm) Lorena Klootwyk: (Girl in a Hurry) John Carlberg: (Enoch Soames) Dan Ross: (Library Clerk) Stefano Esposito: (A.V. Laider) Debbie Jones: (Maid)

Steve Natwick, Stefano Esposito

Tonja Moore, Marty Jones, Vance Alkire, Anita Bussey, Stefano Esposito


Steve Natwick, John Carlberg, Rai French


Anita Bussey, Vance Alkire, Tonja Moore


Steve Natwick, Ron Richardson


Debbie Jones, Ron Richardson

Pictures by
Alan Stamwitz

Director's Notes

The Incomparable Max is one of the most difficult plays to describe that I have encountered. When people ask me: "What is it about?" they want an answer that tells them something like: "It's a murder mystery with lots of plot twists and turns." or, "It's about these nuns who put on a show to raise money."

They don't want to hear: "It's about the theater, about imagination, about the magic of story-telling. Well, it's really about a guy named Max Beerbohm who was a critic in London at the turn of the century. Wait, it's funny, and fanciful, and--trust me, you'll like it, and it's not real long."

I am going to tell you the truth: I'm not sure what its about, except that I like it, and so does everybody else who has read it or has seen it in rehearsal. People who have actually seen it in production are, apparently, nonexistent. 

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