Driftwood Players

"The Hollow" May 2000

By Agatha Christie, Directed by Julie Skokan

Wilma Dunsmoor: (Lucy Angkatell)

Beth Barene: (Doris - The Maid) Christopher Coty: (Det. Sergeant Penny)

Gary Barrett: (Gudgeon - The Butler) Beth Barene


Margaret Tingwall: (Henrietta Angkatell) Ron Rogers: (Edward Angkatell) Gary Barrett, Kathe Rowe: (Gerda Cristow) Beth Barene


Stacey Bevington: (Midge Harvey) Ron Rogers

Diane Stocks: (Veronica Craye) Gary Barrett, Margaret Tingwall, Ron Rogers, Wilma Dunsmoor, Stacey Bevington


Ron Rogers, Margaret Tingwall


Not Pictured: Jack McPherson: (Sir Henry Angkatell) Bill Stocks: (John Cristow) Tom Burger: (Inspector Colquhoun)




Pictures by Jones Photo Co.