Driftwood Players

"Father of the Bride" Sept. - Oct. 1996

By Caroline Francke

Directed by Rob Slater Assistant Director Tonja Myers-Moore

Scott Reynvaan (Buckley Dunstan) Kiran Anderson (Kay Banks)

Ted Spoon (Mr. Banks) Elizabeth McHugh (Peggy Swift) Terry Hargett-Rogers (Florist)

Kathy Werner (Jo) Diane Major (Mrs. Banks)

Kiran Anderson (Kay Banks) Ted Spoon (Mr. Banks) Wilma Dunsmoor (Miss Bellamy)

Debbie Finley-Lansing (Delilah) Cail Musick-Slater (Tommy Banks) Kyle Morean (Buzz Taylor)

Jason Whited (Massoula) Ted Spoon (Mr. Banks) Diane Major (Mrs. Banks)


Stan Finley (Pete) Alan Bevington (Red) Kathy Werner (Jo)


Not Pictured: Judy Ball (Mrs. Pulitzki) Mike Bramstedt (Ben Banks)

Pictures by: Jones Photo Co.

Debbie Finley-Lansing (Delilah) Wilma Dunsmoor (Miss Bellamy)

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