Driftwood Players

"Everybody Loves Opal" February 1997

By John Patrick

Directed by Tobi Ingram

Geri Reynolds: (Opal)

Geri Reynolds with Oreo (Mister Tanner) 

Sunbear Farren: (Officer) Debbie Finley: (Gloria)
Rick Bates: (Bradford) Dave Foscue: (Solomon)

Geri Reynolds: (Opal) Debbie Finley: (Gloria)

Debbie Finley: (Gloria) Geri Reynolds: (Opal)
Rick Bates: (Bradford)

Dave Foscue: (Solomon) Geri Reynolds: (Opal)

Dave Foscue: (Solomon) Debbie Finley: (Gloria)
Rick Bates: (Bradford)

Not pictured Bill Davis: (Doctor)

Pictures by: Jones Photo Co.

Rick Bates: (Bradford) Debbie Finley: (Gloria)

Rick Bates, Debbie Finley and Dave Foscue in full dress and makeup for
 "Everybody Loves Opal"         Photographer unknown

From The Daily World Friday, February 15, 1997

Comic crisis: 3 crooks and a recluse

By Laura Chenoweth
Daily World writer

    For a good laugh in the dead of winter, "Everybody Loves Opal," is certain to do the trick.

    The Driftwood Players in Aberdeen are opening the upbeat comedy at 8:15 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 8.

    Other play dates and times are every weekend from Feb. 14, through March 1. The final performance is a Sunday matinee set for 2:15 p.m. March 2.

    Opal Kronkie is a middle-aged, eccentric bag lady who lives in a rundown mansion at the edge of the town dump.

    She's fairly stereotypical in that she collects anything that isn't nailed down. But rather than push her dubious treasures around in an abandoned Safeway shopping cart, she uses a little red wagon that quickly becomes her trademark.

    Opal is a hopeless optimist with an unstoppable faith in the goodness of her fellow man, but she finds her charity pushed beyond human endurance when she invites three on-the-lam con-artist into her home.

    The comic pace of the play picks up when the unexpected house guest decide to include the kindhearted Opal in some unsavory plans. Will her goodness win out over their scheming?

    "Everybody Loves Opal" is being directed by Tobi Ingram. Cast members include: Geri Reynolds (Opal Kronkie); Debbie Finely (Gloria Gulock); Rick Bates (Bradford Winter); Dave Foscue (Soloman Bozo); Sunbear Farren (Officer Joe Jankie) and Bill Davis (the doctor).

    Tickets are 7$ and can be purchased at Captains Cove at the SouthShore Mall in Aberdeen, City Drug in Aberdeen, Harbor Drug in Hoquiam, Value Drug in Montesano and Our Place in Ocean Shores.

    The Driftwood Playhouse is located on the corner of E. Third and North I in Aberdeen. 

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