Driftwood Players

"Don't Drink the Water" November 1984

By Woody Allen

Directed by Jane Mezera and Pat Stevenson

Cast of Characters: Michael Bennett: (FR. Drobney) Bob Anderson: (Ambassador Magee) Jim Welch: (Kilroy) Ron Soderberg : (Axel Magee) Phyllis Shrauger: (Marion Hollander) Bill Bilsland: (Walter Hollander) Julie Pruett: (Susan Hollander) Doug Sipe: (Krojack) George Franich: (Burns) Vance Alkire: (Chef) Jim Palmer: (Sultan of Bashir) Krista Richters: (Sultan's Wife) Fred Snow: (Kasnar) Dorothye Logue: (Countess Bordoni) Craig J. Griffiths: (Guard)

Pictures by
George McCleary

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