Driftwood Players

"A Christmas Carol" Nov. - Dec. 1995

By Charles Dickens, Directed by John Lein

The Fezziwigs: Amanda Miniken, Kelly Green, Dorothy Willis, Bill Bilsland, Mary Augustine, Gwen Bielski, Jacob Walsh.
Cassie Jackson, Sheridan Slater, Krissy Anderson.
Scrooge and Friends: Ernie Ingram, Rai French, Matthew Allison, Ron Richardson, Rob Slater.
Venessia Daniels, Charity Jenson, Suzanne Hadley, David Bennett, Daryl Salick.
The Cratchits: Cail Slater, Ron Rogers, Faith Matthews, Wayne Cote.
Daen Slater, Chelsea Rogers, Carly Rogers, Kelly McGuire.
Not pictured: Christa Rogers.

Pictures Jones Photo

No picture in file: Rich Rice, Laura Iron, Roger Willis, Vance Alkire, Deborah Finley, Dave Foscue, Geri Goltz, Jacob Jensen, Sara Finley, Joey Chavez.

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