Driftwood Players

"A Christmas Carol" December 1980

By Charles Dickens, Directed by Michael Sturm & Gloria Ingram

Pictures by
Jim Bates

From The Daily World, Sunday, December 7, 1980

Sure sign of Christmas

Once again, this Friday night, the Spirits of Christmases Past, Present and Future will descend upon the Driftwood Playhouse on B Street in Hoquiam and will work their magic on Ebenezer Scrooge, one of the world's favorite villains, the remainder of the cast of "A Christmas Carol," and its audience.

The play adapted from the Charles Dickens classic Christmas Story is becoming a tradition of the holiday season on Grays Harbor, as it is in many other communities. This year, like last year, Ernest Ingram will play Scrooge and Gloria Ingram and Michael Sturm are the directors.

The driftwood Players' first production of the play last year met with overwhelming success among children and adults alike. More than likely, this year's version will be just as popular.

The cast includes a number of children and young people, as well as tried-and-true Driftwood actors like Ingram, Bill Garrison, Bill Davis, Frances Bigler, Jane Bateham, Denise Button, Middie Johnson and Jack Shrauger. Some played the same roles last year.

The performance of Friday, Dec. 19, will be a unique one because it will be hand-signed, interpreted into sign language as the action progresses, by Gerri Offrink Stubb and Kay Kole, so that deaf persons who know sign language may follow all the dialogue. The "signing" by the two women will not interfere in any way with the performance of the play, at which all persons are welcome.

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