Driftwood Players

"Camelot" April - May 1972

Book & Lyrics by Alan Jay Lerner, Music by Frederick Loewe
Directed by Valentina Pearson, assisted by Bud Eddy
Musical Director - Dale Shetler, Choreograph by Michele Parks

Jane Mezera, Geri Offrink, Billie McDonald, Ernest Ingram, Bunny Ronald, Linda Karamatic, Wendy Coles


David Cummings, Tony Daniewicz, Robin Turley

Claudia Crouch, Donna Warren, Todd Bigelow, Micki Winiecki (Colwell), Dave Savage, Shirley Smith

John Secor, Ernest Ingram, Jim Eddy, Jack Shrauger

Denise Bigelow, David Cummings

Julie Eygabroad, Tony Daniewicz

Pictures by
Leslie's Studio

From The Daily World Saturday, April 29, 1972

Driftwood's 'Camelot' Is a splendid knight

By Betty Butler
Entertainment Editor

    Combine the heroics and color of King Arthur's Round Table and a bittersweet love triangle with memorable songs and lively dialogue and you have a good musical.

    Produce it with three actors who also possess fine voices, a cast of competent supporting players and a good chorus and you have a hit musical - which opened last night on the stage of the Driftwood Theater in Hoquiam.

    In addition, "Camelot," the Driftwood Players' spring musical, has elaborate costumes, sets which expand the small stage, and entertaining dancing.

    But more than anything it has the performances and voices of Robin Turley as King Arthur, Julie Eygabroad as Queen Guinevere, and Dale Uhlman as Lancelot. Turley, new to the stage but a veteran in the entertainment world, is especially affecting as the heroic and gentle Arthur.

    AMONG THE MANY supporting roles, especially outstanding are Anthony Daniewicz as the comic King Pellinore, W. James Brown as Merlin the Magician and young Scott Savage as Tom of Warwick, the youth who restored Arthur's faith in his Round.

    David Cummings was a thoroughly creepy Mordred, and other supporting roles were effectively played by Ernest Ingram, Denise Bigelow as Morgan LeFey, Jim Eddy and Jack Shrauger.

    Others in the cast and chorus were Phyllis Shrauger, Micki Winiecki, Carol Stubb, Donna Warren, John Erak, Wendy Coles, Don Fullmer, Nina Ingram, Linda Karamatic, Billie McDonald, Jane Mezera, Geri Offrink, Bunny Ronald, Dave Savage and Shirley Smith.

    The dances, choreographed capably as always by Marie Hannan and Michele Parks, were done by Michele Parks, Bob Parks, Mary Button, Karen Crew, Cheryl Dragoo, Teri Jo Lawrence, Gayle Lindskov, Darrel Merrick, Jerry Newman, Penny Root, Leslie Tobey and Christal Wood.

    PLAYING HERALDS, pages and knights were Ricky Ronald, David Berglund, John Walker, Dwayne Benner, Frank Miner, Todd Bigelow, Guy Bingham and Paul Stevenson.

    Valentina Pearson's sure hand was evident in the directing of the show, assisted by Bud Eddy, with Dale Shetler as musical director, Jan Wolfe staging the production numbers, and Claudia Crouch as the very capable pianist.

    The sets were by James Brown and the impressive costumes by Pat Stevenson and Betty Sterling. Jane Mezera was production manager, Bill Davis stage manager, and Jerry Keltner, Don Hurd and Jim Rahi handled the lights and sound.

    The production will show again tonight (Saturday), May 5, 6 and 7, May 12, 13 and 14 and May 19 and 20.

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