Driftwood Players

"Bedroom Farce" May 1984

By Alan Ayckbourn, Directed by Jeanne Wolfe

Back: Gary Morean: (Malcolm) Alan Richrod: (Nick) Lee Anne Dugan: (Jan) Roxanne Hood: (Susannah) Art Blauvelt: (Trevor)
Front: Nina Morean: (Kate) Ernie Ingram: (Ernest) Margaret Nevills: (Delia)

Pictures by
George McCleary

From The Daily World Friday, May 4, 1984

'Bedroom Farce' is hilarious & more

They manage to infuriate and alienate everyone in sight 

By Betty Butler
World Arts Editor

    There are lots of things besides the obvious that people can do in bed - eat crackers and pilchards, suffer with a bad back, hide shoes, cry, throw a temper tantrum, kiss, quarrel, love and hate.

    The actors in the Driftwood Players' production of  "Bedroom Farce," which opened last weekend, find hilarious ways to do all of the above and a little more, transforming the contemporary British comedy by Alan Ayckbourn into an evening of belly laughs.

    "S-e-x," incidentally is barely mentioned, and when it is, it's spelled out, by an outrageously prim wife and mother played to great effect by Margaret Nevills. She and Ernie Ingram, as her harrumphing spouse, make a fine comedy team.

    These two, it develops, have spawned one of those inept persons who, while they have the best motives and intentions in Christendom, manage to infuriate and alienate everyone who has anything to do with them. Art Blauvelt portrays this character with just the right touch of earnest klutziness.

    Further, he has married a more dramatic, spoiled, and even more annoying counterpart, played by Roxanne Hood.

    Together and separately, they wander from bedroom to bedroom creating havoc in the lives of their parents and friends.

    The latter two couples are portrayed by Nina and Gary Morean, a whimsical and charming newly-married duo, and Alan Richrod, whose painful back ailment renders him hilariously non-sympathetic, and his practical but impatient wife, Lee Anne Dugan.

    Director Jeanne Wolfe has seen to it that the action moves swiftly and surely through the ingenious set depicting three separate bedrooms, designed by Gordon Miller. Gloria Ingram is production manager, and Hilary Richrod, stage manager, while John Wolfe handled lights and sound.

    The production plays at the Driftwood Playhouse, I and third street in Aberdeen, at 8:15 for the next three Fridays and Saturdays. Tickets are at City Drug in Aberdeen, Harbor Drug in Hoquiam, and Monte Drug in Montesano.

    Try it, you'll like it.

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