Driftwood Players

"Barefoot in the Park" Feb. - March 1969

By Neil Simon, Directed by Jane Mezera

From Left: Robert Parks: (Paul Bratter) Jack Phillips: (Delivery Man) Peter Bruner: (Telephone Repair Man) Marty Morrison: (Corie Bratter) Patricia Stevenson: (Mrs. Banks) Alfred Persson: (Victor Velasco)

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From The Daily World

Set Construction Proved Problem

    Creating a set which would give the "feeling" of being a one-room skylight apartment at the top of six flights of stairs was the unique problem of the stage crew of "Barefoot In the Park," the three-act comedy opening Friday night at the Driftwood Playhouse in Hoquiam.

    The original New York production, written by Neil Simon, was designed for a conventional proscenium stage, and the setting had to be adapted for the arena-type facilities of the Driftwood Players theater, in which the playing area is surrounded on three sides of audience seating.

    John Eko, set designer and technical director, had to design a set which would suggest a crowded one-room apartment entered from below, with adjoining closets and bath and, most important, a broken skylight in the "roof" through which the snows of February might sift down upon the scene.

    Eko had a large crew assisting him and Jane Mezera, play director, with the task, but its completion necessitated many "overtime" hours by the volunteer workers, he said.

    The crew includes Kathleen Mutchler, Nancy Black, Neil Young, Phyllis Curtiss, Tom Petrich, Nancy Drosd, Gordon Miller, Bob Parks and lighting director Dorcas Richardson and production manager Betty Jean Gretsch.

    The play is scheduled for public performances Friday and Saturday and the following weekends through March 1. The student ticket policy inaugurated with the last play will continue, and tickets remaining unsold at 8 p.m. each night will be available to students or children for half price, $1.  

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